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Children and Technology – Minding the 5 C’s

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Children and Technology - Minding the 5 C's

As 2018 winds down, many families are preparing for the December holidays. Perhaps this Thanksgiving holiday you spent time with multi-generations of your family. If so, did you notice how many kept their eyes focused on their iPhones, iPads/Tablets, or Smartphones? Did you really engage with each other or did the day pass with limited personal interaction? With this in mind, it occurred to our John Bailey Company team that…

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Some Advice for The Hartford Marketing Dept

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photo credit: mikecogh The Hartford Insurance Company surprised me this week with a really moving marketing piece.  Lately, these guys have been creeping up on brilliant moves…but this one takes the cake and I think it is a game changer in the insurance world; as the client becomes the center of the movement…finally, right?  I want to offer some advice as an insurance agent and agency owner; and it is…

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Blogging Insurance


photo credit: dimnikolov Over the past few weeks we have been reviewing blogging insurance and where coverage exists. Personal Blogs – Sometimes personal blogging and social media can be covered by a homeowners policy, under special endorsements, we have several companies in house that offer coverage for personal blogs and social media as long as the EXCLUSIONS do not Apply. We recommend you contact your home insurance agent to find…

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