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Our 1958 Newsletter

Newsletter Heading

Our insurance agency started in 1946. Every now and then we come across something special. The other day we found a few old newsletters. So who is John Bailey? The newsletter we found introduces him and speaks about our insurance agency. While our writing styles and education points have changed; what is interesting about the newsletter is how history repeats itself, just in different ways.  The newsletter idea today is…

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How to Slay Dragons

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Love and Hope

This is my collection of journal notes taken from years past. Enjoyed publishing it on linkedin “If I were 22” series and wanted to keep my content versus have it in a social media space. I am now 35, and live in my hometown Knoxville, TN. I have been compiling notes since my graduation from Ole Miss in 2001. From time to time I review them and realize how I…

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