Investment Property Insurance

Insurance for Investment Properties

general liability property insurance

As an investment property owner, you need premium insurance coverage to safeguard your building investments from loss. Founded in 1946, our independent Knoxville insurance agency shields you from income loss and building damage. For your peace of mind, we also offer liability coverage for your premises, along with specialty coverage for multi-family units, apartment complexes, builder’s risk, and vacant buildings.


Insurance Packages for Investment Property

From bodily injury after a slip and fall to burst pipes that flood several floors, business emergencies put you and your property at risk. Specializing in custom insurance packages tailored to your property investment operations, John Bailey Company handles risk management so you can focus on your clients. Serving small and midsized investment property firms, we proudly offer the following coverage options:

• General liability coverage for property damage
• General liability coverage for bodily injury
• Property coverage for buildings & contained assets
• Property coverage for investment properties, including vacant buildings
• Professional liability insurance
• Product liability insurance
• Employer practices liability
• Business income coverage
• Workers’ compensation insurance
• Commercial auto insurance
• Disability insurance
• Directors & officers coverage
• Equipment breakdown insurance
• Cyber liability insurance
• Umbrella liability insurance
• Employee dishonesty coverage
• Social engineering coverage
• Key man life insurance
• Health insurance (ACA compliant)

Property packages offered by John Bailey Company include coverage for:

• Single-family dwellings
• Multi-family dwellings
• Strip malls & shopping centers
• Office buildings
• Vacant properties
• Student housing

Advantages of Insurance Plans for Investment Property Professionals

Your John Bailey Company insurance investment is an ideal way to protect the stability of your investment. Customers choose our insurance services for a variety of reasons, including:

• Seven decades of industry experience
• Family values, integrity & honesty
• Industry-leading solutions that meet budget & coverage requirements
• Superior protection for assets (commercial & personal)
• Annual policy reviews to determine updated needs

John Bailey Company represents some of the industry’s best insurance companies, so we have access to hundreds of policies that are customized to meet your business requirements. Policy pricing is competitive, and our licensed team members educate you about your insurance needs so you can make a wise decision about coverage.

Protect Your Property Today

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